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Address, Møt de nominerte og musikken. Nordisk råds musikkpris/Music Norway/Nasjonalbiblioteket 30.10.18


Dear nominees, dear audience,

A warm welcome to this presentation of the composers and the music nominated to the Nordic Council Music Prize 2018. My name is Hild Borchgrevink, I’m a writer and musicologist, and one of the jury members from Norway this year. Many thanks to Music Norway for hosting this event together with the Music Prize, and to the nominees for sharing their music and their time with us.

Soon I will invite each of the composers up here. We will hear an excerpt of each work and have a short conversation about it. In the end we’ll open for questions. After that, there will be some more refreshments and the idea is that we stay, both composers and audience, for informal chat and talk.

It is the first time during my time in the jury that we try out this format. As a musicologist and music nerd I would of course preferred to have time to go much deeper into each work and each artistic practice. It is the nature of a prize like this that only one work can win it – however, in the jury, we listen to so much strong and relevant music, and all this music deserves more public attention and discourse. The nature of today’s public media is a challenge, not only to music as a public discourse, but to the sustainability of our society as a whole.

It is a paradox to respond to that by giving you two minutes of each work. However, to do something is always better than doing nothing – even if me writing emails from inbetween teaching 17-year old high school students is not ideal. This year the Music prize collaborates with Music Norway and with the Norwegian Academy of Music. Music Norway hosts this event, the Academy will host a talk around the nominated operas tomorrow at 18h, and I believe some nominees will lecture during daytime. I personally really hope that both collaborations, with the Nordic music export network and the Nordic music academies, could continue next year in Sweden and beyond. The Nordic Council’s prizes represent a unique interface between the arts and society, and I believe that the Nordic Council Music Prize has an unreleased potential to attract a much larger number of discussions about music. We have to discuss how to involve the many Nordic networks that already exist between people and institutions in the music field and seek ways to connect things they do, to the annual prize event. In this way, we would strenghten Nordic music and a Nordic civil society at the same time.

The diversity of the music we are going to hear soon, is a diversity and a transnational perspective that our Nordic collective should embrace and promote, and we must continue to talk about how to attach more people, institutions and discussions to it.

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